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Welcome To My World!

My name is Csenge Herpai -it’s okay if you can’t drop it- am a Hungarian fashion designer & stylist based in Milan, Italy.

In one of the World’s most famous fashion capitals – and economic center of the country- I learned how important is a proper appearance. Here it is an everyday essential. Surveys proved that the very ’first impression’ (contains 10 seconds) decides 90% of the outgoing of a meeting/ date/ interview.  And we want to make the best impression, right? ? 

Italian women from the first self conscious moments to 99 take care of their outfits and look –  they represent how age just a number is. 

As a woman it is indeed important to understand our shape, character and choose the most beneficial colours and styles. All in all- to learn what looks good on us and what not. For me clothes are a magical way to express who I am and impress others.

I want to share with you the knowledge that I collected during the years from school to work. In those way after the coaching you will have a whole new idea of clothes.
My goal is to provide you with quality, give you self consciousness and guide you to a New Yourself – because a well balanced exterior has a well balanced interior.

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